Is permaculture the answer to improve the world for future generations?

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Following is an interview that I conducted with a landscape design architect who is leading the way for green business. The topic is permaculture, and her goal is to assist clients in achieving sustainable living.

How do you define permaculture?

The Ethical Basis of Permaculture is:

CARE OF THE EARTH – means care of all living and nonliving things by utilizing harmless and rehabilitative activities



But there is more:  Masanobu Fukuoka, born in 1913 on the Japanese island of Shikoku states the philosophy of permaculture as a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of learning how to cultivate thoughtful observation of nature and animals together, instead of a single-product system; a letting go of ourselves as the superior being to all other life-forms.

How will your work improve the world for future generations?

The word “permaculture” is a contraction of “permanent” and “agriculture” but it also includes “permanent culture.” Permaculture is about plants, animals, building, and infrastructures (water, energy, communications), but even more important, it is about the relationships we build between all these elements in order to produce a life-supporting system for city and country. It can begin anywhere; in every individual’s personal space, whether that is a front yard, back yard or patio, to an organic farmer, or by organizing a farmer-purchasing co-op store in order to sell responsible grown vegetables.


Can your work be applied to commercial as well as residential landscaping?

Commercial buildings are an extremely important aspect of permaculture since the majority of our population lives within major cities. Green buildings, food not lawns and edible food production within the urban environment are all positive multi-faceted, multi-dimensional aspects of urban permaculture that can, should, and must be invested in for a viable and harmonious integration of landscape and people.


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