LEED accredited supplier weighs in

February 9, 2010 at 1:19 pm Leave a comment

In an attempt to fully understand LEED, I am gathering as many different perspectives as I can on the program. This post is an interview I conducted with a manager for a large lumber supply company. The professional is LEED accredited, and has supplied many LEED certified projects.

In your experience with LEED, what do you like about it?

I like that they are trying to push the building industry to think more sustainably.

What do you dislike about it?

1.       I don’t like that it isn’t science based.  A lot of the points are given for more “feel good” reasons and not scientific reasons.  For example they give less points for using lumber and more for concrete, even though concrete isn’t a renewable resource and it takes more energy to produce and it can’t be recycled.

2.       I don’t like that they are only trying to change the top 5% of commercial and residential projects.  In my opinion they should be pushing to improve the top 60% a little bit and not the top 5% a lot.

3.       I don’t like how expensive they have made it, because what has happened especially in residential projects is only the rich can do it.  So what has happened is that all these leed certified houses are 6000-8000 sq. ft. and there is nothing green about a single family dwelling being that large.

4.       I don’t like that they have created monopolies inside their point system, for example they only allow FSC certified lumber.  There are a couple other certifications out there that are just as sustainable and are lower cost.

5.       I don’t like how they have refused to work with manufactures to find solutions to make the industry more sustainable without increasing the price of building so high.

6.       Lastly, I don’t like how they are not taking the entire life cycle of products used into account.  They should be thinking from cradle to grave and currently they are not doing that.

What could be done to improve it?

They need to start talking to manufactures and find a way to make their certification more economical.


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