Do you still want to heat up your leftover food in that plastic container?

January 13, 2010 at 3:00 pm Leave a comment

How can we prove that a chemical is toxic to humans? It is impossible to perform toxic chemical research on humans that will yield definitive results.  The chemical BisphenalA, also known as BPA, is used to make: digital media, electrical and electronic equipment, automobiles, sports safety equipment, and reusable food and drink containers. Scientists have come as close as they can, given current technology, to prove that high  BPA levels in the body are the cause of heart disease.  Scientists confirm link between BPA and heart disease in humans

Scientists have experimented on humans as much as they know how, given current medical technology. Although scientists are limited in what experiments they can perform on humans, they are not limited when it comes to rats. The evidence in studies on rats is conclusive, and BPA is the cause of death. How can we be convinced that this applies to us as well?

The most prevalent way in which BPA enters the human body is through consumption of food or beverages packaged in materials that use BPA. When heating up food in a reusable plastic container, the chemical is leeched into the food or beverage. Even without direct studies performed on humans that result in death, the current study is all the proof I need to make a switch to food containers that do not use BPA.

We have the right to vote with our dollar. If there is enough pressure from consumers, companies will be forced to find alternative production methods. Established companies will be hesitant to make any changes until pressure from consumers make it more costly to include BPA then to research and develop an alternative means of producing the same project.


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