McDonald’s Admits Cow ‘Emissions’ Are a Problem

January 12, 2010 at 3:59 pm Leave a comment

McDonald’s is realizing the impact of social and environmental responsibility on their bottom line, also known as the triple bottom line. McDonald’s recently announced their participation in a three-year study where E-Co2, an independent rural consultant,  will study and measure livestock ’emissions’. McDonald’s seeks to cut cows’ methane emissions.

By participating in this study, McDonald’s is making an attempt to re-brand themselves as stewards of our environment. This indicates to me that McDonald’s is admitting cow ’emissions’ are a serious problem.

One of my first posts, Mixed Messages from the Avatar Project indicates my confusion about why the Avatar project would want to be affiliated in any way with McDonald’s. This affiliation is clearly an effort on the part of McDonald’s to re-brand themselves as stewards of our environment.


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